Asset Management

As an SEC-registered investment adviser and a CFTC-registered CTA, we develop and manage quantitative investment strategies for primarily institutional clients.

As your partner, we look to set a new standard in alternative investments and help you achieve your investment objectives across market cycles. Our investment strategies are based on our long-standing quantitative research process and our deep knowledge of how markets operate.

We put our all behind our clients—discipline, determination, and the full weight of our investment management capabilities. Our work style is guided by high levels of transparency, quality investor service and a multi-faceted approach to risk management, from model-building to portfolio construction.


A strategic, systematic approach to investing 

With our rigorous research process, experience in the markets and expertise in quantitative finance, we strive to create models that are intuitive, statistically robust and adaptive. These proprietary investment strategies span multiple asset classes and factors, via pooled investment vehicles and customized solutions.

Systematic Diversified CTA Program—Futures across all major asset classes, including equities, FX, commodities and fixed income

Quantitative Global Macro Program—Futures, ETFs and Total Return Swaps

Quantitative Risk Premia Program—Total Return Swaps (risk premia strategies developed by third parties)

Investor platform

Our alternative investments platform gives access to a range of systematic funds and strategies including CTA, global macro, alternative beta and risk premia.


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